Advance your property journey today.

We offer a total solution approach to real estate.

Evolve are real estate specialists. 

Our focus is on providing exceptional value


Stand out from the crowd. Through constant innovation and attention to detail, we guarantee your property will make an impact and secure you the best return on your investment.


We approach each property differently. What sets us apart is our adaptable marketing structure which allows for more streamlined and successful campaign management.


It's all about results. Anyone can promise you the best tenants and rental returns but at Evolve we take the responsibility of looking after your property very seriously.


Relationships are vital to business. We offer our clients the kind of relationship that lets them get on with their life knowing their most important asset is truly looked after.

Partnerships with tangible results.

Success in the competitive world of real estate requires serious planning, dedication, and focus.

“It means staying on the cutting edge o ftechnology and marketing, having the ability to recruit the right people, and react quickly to chaging industry and market trends. At Evolve we take a flexible apporach to our customer’s needs. We understand that different people need different things from us as an agent so we tailor our services to meet those individual needs. 

At Evolve, we specialise in managing property in Melbourne and, unlike others, property management is a key focus for our business. This allows us to provide an outstanding service to our clients. Our promise to our clients is that you’ll get:

  • Best possible rents
  • Low vacancy rates
  • The best tenants
  • A well-maintained property and
  • Regular updates from us so you always know what’s going on

There is no one answer to this question as every property is different. However, at Evolve Real Estate we understand that a vacant property affects your wallet immediately.

Everybody does their research on the internet these days. We make sure your property really stands out from the crowd by delivering a high-quality marketing campaign which includes multiple high-quality photos and detailed descriptive text in all property listings and advertisements.

Take a look at the rental advertisements on our website and see for yourself — some agencies don’t even include photos or use a single grainy image. We even do videos of each property.

We make sure people have all the information they need to take the next step — inspecting your property!

At Evolve Real Estate we have invested in the latest online technology to allow people to enquire about a property, receive inspection alerts and apply for a property all online.

Basically, we make it as easy as possible for a potential tenant to get information about your property, inspect it and apply for it. This all results in more applicants to choose from, so you get a suitable tenant into your property as quickly as possible… And your investment starts generating returns for you.

The key factor in finding a good tenant is to follow a rigorous selection process so you always get the best applicants chosen for your property.

At Evolve Real Estate we take processing applications very seriously because we understand how important a good tenant is to the success of your investment.

We look at their rental history by checking the national tenant default database. We check whether we have rented to them before.  We look at their employment stability, their previous rent payment history and how they’ve maintained previous rental properties.

We phone every single referee including employers, landlords and personal references and we ask a series of detailed questions to check suitability. In short, we’re extremely thorough so you get great tenants. Some agencies don’t check tenant databases or references or even make phone calls.

Once we’ve identified the best applicants, we consult with you about which tenant you’d prefer, so you get to choose who goes into your property.

This rigorous selection process means you get the very best tenants time after time.

Changing from your current property manager to Evolve Real Estate is really easy and stress-free. It won’t cost you anything and won’t affect any existing tenancy lease. We’ll arrange everything for you – you won’t even have to speak to your current property manager.

Once you chose Evolve Real Estate to manage your property, we’ll take full responsibility for everything. We’ll liaise with your outgoing managing agent to arrange for collection of the landlords file, the lease documents and of course all the keys. We’ll also notify any existing tenants of the change in their property manager. And the best part is there’s no cost for this. That’s all there is to it, and we’ll seamlessly take over managing your property…so you start to enjoy a stress-free property management experience from a company really committed to high quality customer service. Changing your property management agency couldn’t be easier!

General Questions

Here are a few questions that pop up from time to time that you may be wondering about.

In our ever changing world of property management – no matter whether you are a seasoned investor or a first time investor – there is a fair chance you will have a couple of questions for us.

What We Offer

The people at Evolve Real Estate are real estate professionals working in the market every day which means they have a real (and current) understanding of what agents go through in the field. We are committed to constantly evolving our marketing approach to ensure your property is held above the rest.

Property Management

We specialise in managing a broad range of commercial and residential properties and maximising the exposure of properties using an extensive range of marketing vehicles.

Property Sales

We can offer obligation-free valuations and on appointment can advise on price, method of sale, advertising and marketing campaigns and the best timing. Buyers come to us because our agents are focused on making their hunt for a home or investment property simple.

Vendor Advocacy

We look after the interests of property buyers and sellers by guiding them through the sale process from the time of interviewing an agent until the property is sold and settled.

Our specialist teams include residential sales & leasing, commercial sales & leasing, home loans, property management, asset management, portfolio management, project marketing, conveyancing, and more.