Company Profile

Evolve Real Estate’s impact on Melbourne’s real estate market is largely due to its driving ambition to be “the most customer-focused and results-orientated real estate company”.

Our aim is to be a modern and innovative, one-stop property agency that covers all aspects of property transactions, with real estate, conveyancing, and financial services.

A total solution company that will provide world-class service to our Clients.

Evolve Real Estate has grown from a small operation to a large private company that has sold millions of dollars in residential and commercial property in its tenure as Melbourne’s unique one-stop real estate office.

Evolve Real Estate has embraced technology and recognised the importance of strategically understanding the online market. Our large investment reinforces the Evolve vision to offer their world-class service to Clients both online and offline., a highly sophisticated and user-friendly website, is regarded by both international and domestic users as the most usable and informative website in the property market.

The optimism within the company has led to its spectacular rise in stature, and the sudden growth in real estate sales was largely due to the commitment of the entire team to provide superior Client service and attain the best possible results.

The Evolve team strive to consistently deliver accountable results for its clients with total integrity and transparency.

The company continually achieves the highest residential prices and always aims to set records throughout its reach.

Evolve’s belief is that the success of a sale and the maximising of the price relies on the ability to have properties stand out in the marketplace.

In addition to residential sales & leasing, Evolve is a total solution property services company that also offers:

  • Commercial Sales & Leasing
  • Property Management
  • Independent Strata Sales Division
  • Project Marketing services for Property Developers
  • Evolve’s unique “Developer Solutions” product
  • Financial Services to clients through Evolve Capital
  • Career Training through Evolve Total Real Estate Training
  • Conveyancing Services through Evolve Conveyancing

The company continues to receive accolades for excellence.