Developer Solutions


Evolve has been providing unique and highly specialised solutions for Property Developers.

An industry first, our “Developer Solutions” product caters for the entire after-sales process of developments.

Our process is specifically designed to ensure that the long-term image of the development is enhanced, directly benefiting the developer and ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Our involvement in a project commences at least six months prior to its completion, and is followed by detailed planning throughout the final stages of construction.

We commence with a thorough analysis and breakdown of the development and its purchasers, enabling us to implement strategies for marketing the development post-completion.

Planning then begins for the implementation of an in-house centre within the development (if it can cater for that) to cater for Property Management services, completely integrated with Facility Management, covering all aspects of after-sales service.

Once the centre becomes operational, all development related queries, from maintenance to property-management, renovations to re-sales, are handled by the one in-house team. Reducing market competition within the development maintains the integrity of the development and ensures stable prices, benefiting clients and in-turn reflecting well on the developer.

Our solution has been integrated and proven to work as seen in Lend Lease & Stable’s Lifestyle Working Collins Street development in Melbourne.

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We provide Property Developers with products and solutions that both help them to improve their development, customer base and business reputation through comprehensive after-sales support, internal efficiencies and world-class customer service.

With a customer base that spans the country, ranging from small developers with single stand alone projects through to some of the largest property developers in the world, no real estate services provider understands the unique needs of property developers better than us.

We encourage you to explore our “Developer Solutions” product in greater detail and browse the broad selection of solutions we can provide you. Quite uniquely, Evolve can provide you with one or two components or the full suite of services we offer. When used together, our services integrate completely, providing a world class solution that is unmatched in the industry.

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