Why Evolve?

Success in the competitive world of real estate requires serious planning, dedication and focus.

It means staying on the cutting edge of technology and marketing, having the ability to recruit the right people and to react quickly to changing industry and marketing trends. At Evolve we take a flexible approach to our customers needs. We understand that different people need different things from us as an agent and tailor our services to meet those individual needs.

  • The people at Evolve Real Estate are real estate professionals working in the market every day which means they have a real (and current) understanding of what agents go through in the field.
  • We offer a competitive fee structure – for example, we are happy to beat our competitors written prices.
  • We are committed to constantly evolving our marketing approach to ensure your property is held above the rest.
  • The Evolve Buyer Database – Buyer’s details are entered into our comprehensive database. Once listed with Evolve, a link to your property will be immediately emailed to every suitable buyer prior to the commencement of the full marketing program.
  • We actively facilitate an environment conducive to sharing information and learning within the group. We organise a range of regular meetings to ensure you receive consistent support from your Evolve peers and the corporation.
  • Evolve offers a dynamic and supportive culture. Our employees enjoy feeling as they are part of a united team.
  • Evolve is a high profile group with a name that is synonymous with quality, and far from wanting an office in every suburb we have a strict recruitment criteria that ensures only like-minded people join our team.
  • We don’t employ ‘managers’ that are then required to be experts in all areas. Instead, we engage the services of a range of consultants that are experts in their field. For example, our Marketing Consultant helps agents target their marketing in a cost effective manner, our Sales Management Consultant works with sales executives to ensure they build a profile in their local area, and our consigned Business & Performance Coach works with Managers and their teams to help set out and reach their goals.
  • Evolve is progressive. We are always looking to improve the products and services that we provided to our clients. We spend time in the field talking to clients and their family members, directors and their employees, so we have a real understanding of what their needs actually are. Moreover, being a small group means that we can react quickly when the market changes, when new technology becomes available, and when advertising needs to be refreshed. There is no red-tape or long winded approval process – the Corporate staff have the ability to make quick decisions and make things happen.
  • With Evolve the sales agents are not limited to working in a specific area. We have specifically targeted agents with the ability to travel, and offer our exclusive service beyond the normal realms of a suburban estate agent.
  • A range of training sessions are regularly provided to facilitate the accumulation of all required REIV Membership Continuing Professional Development points.
  • We are passionate and committed to helping our agents achieve their goals.

We offer a total solution approach.

Our specialist teams include Residential Sales & Leasing, Commercial Sales & Leasing, Home Loans, Property Management, Asset Management, Portfolio Management, Project Marketing, Conveyancing and more.